Bella Serra Shrug


Errata: I have received much appreciated feedback that pointed out an error in my pattern. "Bella Sera" was my first-ever pattern and I'm very grateful to those of you who have taken the time to write me and give me feedback on it. I have corrected the problem and the updated pattern is available for download here. If you have downloaded this pattern before June 5, 2009, but have not yet knit the shrug, please take the time to download the new version and use this instead. Thanks very much!

Alternatively, if you have already printed the the original version of the pattern and would like to use this, here are the two corrections that were made:

Correction #1: SIZE LARGE ONLY: instead of CO 80 sts, the first line of the pattern should read: CO 76 sts

Correction #2: After separating the sleeves from the body, these are the next few lines (the rest of the pattern remains the same):

Next row: p30 [34, 38, 41, 46], PFB, PFB, p60 [68, 76, 82, 92], PFB, PFB, p to end -- 124 [140, 156, 168, 188] sts on needle
Next row: knit

Next: work in st. st. for 2 inches, or however long you would like the shrug to be. After this point, you will add approximately just over an inch, so if you would like to add extra length, add extra rows of st. st. here. End with a purl (WS) row.

Click here to download this pattern.

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