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Facts About Electronic Cigarettes

The title can be quite boring, but it is best that you read further. You might be surprised at some of these facts as the truth, not just some fallacy.

Vaping devices, like the e-cigarettes, are not free from risks.

It was already agreed upon before that electronic cigarette is less harmful compared to smoking cigarettes, the reality is that no actual evidence supports the safety of this device. These days, there is a growing group of researchers that is dedicated to learning more about the electronic cigarettes. Some of their findings suggest that there are negative health consequences to the constant use of these vaping devices. Some of them include the following:

  • Development of cancerous tumor
  • Damage to the lungs, heart, and brain
  • Stillbirths and preterm deliveries among pregnant women
  •  Harmful effects on the lung and brain development, especially when use is during the development of the fetus or the growing of adolescent teens.

They have nicotine, a well known highly addictive drug that has health risks.

Electronic cigarettes are marketed as an alternative to smoking cigarettes. It even is further marketed that it is harmless to secondhand smokers and that it is a device that will help smokers quit smoking. However, this is only possible if the smoker himself choose a liquid cartridge with zero nicotine content. This means that the option for nicotine-filled vape is still made available, and smokers can’t help it but order those that have very high nicotine content, something that they usually can’t get with smoking cigarettes. It is a fact that addiction to nicotine is very difficult to reverse and it can only lead them to more nicotine products, and even abuse with alcohol and many other drugs.
Electronic cigarettes and other vaping devices is not a proven way to quit smoking.

You have already heard a lot of about this method, but it is not a good way for smokers to quit smoking by switching to electronic cigarettes. Reports are coming from users of vaping devices that it helped them quit smoking altogether. However, there is little conclusive evidence wherein it reduces cigarette smoking or that it leads to cessation from smoking.

The only reason why some smokers have proven them to be a great alternative is that they were dedicated to reducing the frequency that they smoke and the amount of nicotine that enters their bloodstream. In other words, they were committed to change and quit smoking altogether using the device as a means to instill their discipline. The device has pros and cons, and the latter refers to how smokers can choose to increase the nicotine content in the liquid cartridge, which beats the purpose of quitting smoking altogether.

Electronic cigarettes are used as an addition to the smoked cigarettes, instead of replacing them.
A lot of smokers use these products along with the traditional cigarettes as much as they can, and sometimes in places where smoking is not allowed or inconvenient. They can switch to one way or another whenever the option is presented to them. This is just adding more exposure to nicotine and the harmful effects it brings.

Nicotine affects the functioning and development of the brain among young people.
The young are more vulnerable to electronic cigarettes and various vaping devices, especially with their effects. The younger the individual is when trying out these devices, the greater their risk to addiction. Brains are still developing at a young age, and they are very vulnerable to the addictive substances’ effects compared to those who have a fully developed brain, particularly among the adults.

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