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Electronic Cigarettes: The Possible Danger To Kids And Others

Electronic cigarettes are popular today, and not just to the smokers that are trying to quit, but to children too. With the sweet-smelling flavors that the e-juices come in, kids relate them to candy, which makes the appealing to them. From bubblegum to cotton candy to fruity flavors such as cherry and strawberry, electronic cigarettes smell almost good enough to eat!

Studies have resulted in a lot of data that shows the use of electronic cigarettes is gaining more users among children and teens. But the evidence that they move on to smoking has not been significantly strong yet.

Some experts claim that this is because the use of electronic cigarettes is offset by the decline in smoking traditional cigarettes overall. These studies primarily covered America, Australia, and the United Kingdom. However, a study in Poland did find that electronic cigarette among children and teens did lead to smoking traditional cigarettes.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

Those that support electronic cigarettes say electronic cigarettes that replace traditional cigarettes is better for smokers that “need” their fix of nicotine, referring that nicotine is addictive. Why is it safer?

The smoke from traditional cigarettes is combustible and contains as much as four-thousand different chemicals, 60 of which are carcinogens. On the proponent side of things, the claim that the healthier choice are electronic cigarettes because there are less toxins and for non-smokers, the 2nd hand smoke is safer.

Critics will argue however, could undermine the efforts being made to de-normalize the use of tobacco. Then the decades of efforts to stigmatize smoking, which has had enormous success, the concern is that electronic cigarettes could make it cool to smoke.

Questionable Safety of Electronic Cigarettes

Research and studies have proven that nicotine is highly addictive and considered to be a toxic chemical. The result from studies overseas have found that electronic cigarettes deliver an volume of nicotine could possibly be more than what has been stated, or could be less than what is stated. There is also concern about leakage leading to nicotine being absorbed into the skin, making people sick.

While NRT products (nicotine replacement therapy) products like gum, patches, and other means have been thoroughly assessed for effectiveness and safety, there has not been any such assessment performed on electronic cigarettes.

The e-liquid that are without nicotine still have some chemicals that are found  and considered to be unsafe, as well as other chemicals that been found to be unsafe, while yet some are still not confirmed either way.

The World Health Organization issued a report in 2014 on electronic cigarette marketing and use, the variables among the hardware and e-liquids used with electronic cigarettes, as well as the contents that have levels of toxicity, even the emissions could be found toxic.

Considering the rather recent entry of electronic cigarettes in the market and the long lag time of onset of diseases, like cancer, showed conclusive evidence that is associated with electronic cigarettes and diseases could take decades to be determined.

However, the report released by WHO acknowledged that “it is very likely that average electronic cigarette use produces lower exposures to toxicants that combustible products.”. However, how much the risks are reduced remains to be seen.

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