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The History of Cigarettes and Tobacco

Smoking and pleasure are often words that are associated with each other, being that the cigarette gives the smoker a relaxing, settling pleasure. For the smoker, the cigarette gives their adrenaline the initial kick-start for the day. Or it can be what calms them down during the day.

The popularity of smoking tobacco for pleasure is credited to Sir Walter Raleigh.  Many would follow his lead in the colonial industry and the Spanish would pick up a cigar, the French would dip snuff and the English their pipes, all to enjoy the pleasure that tobacco gave them.

Some will say that the Dark Ages continued as the Colonialism had an impact on slave trade. Today though, it is credited with twisting the perception of globalism. While England would be quick to accept the habit of smoking as a joyful one, it meant that the supply of tobacco would need to be fulfilled, much like their love of tea. As such, England would get their teams from China or India and from America, their tobacco.

In 1613, the first person to successful cultivate Nicotiana tobacco was John Rolfe, who would then ship it over to the United Kingdom. As tobacco’s popularity spread through American and Europe, it made its way to Africa and other parts of the world.  The Japanese would take to tobacco quickly and silver pipes were given to the Samurai knights to smoke while their incense trays would become what we call the ashtray.

In Spain, there was dramatic changes with smoking practices. As we mentioned here before, hand-rolled cigars were a favorite among the Spanish. Their tobacco industry would thrive on their love, and that love for others around the world, for the rolled-up tobacco product. As the demand for this productbe came high, so did the prices.

As a result, the poor single women would take to creating smaller versions of the then cigar and create the first cigarette. Before long, the French would change the name the Spanish had given this product from ‘cigarito’ to ‘cigarette’ ad begin manufacturing them by 1830.

Modern Times

Later, seeing the need to mass produce this product, a patent would be issued to James Bonsack and his machine that produced 200 cigarettes per minute.  This machine would eliminate the need to pay workers to roll the tobacco, making them more uniformed.

Manufacturing wasn’t the only change in tobacco’s history around this time though.  Adding to the history of smoking tobacco in America, advertising would come into play. And from there, with advertising doing what it was meant to do, cigarettes became even more popular and the demand increase and the conveyor system was added to the machine that rolled the cigarettes for mass production.

Women would take up smoking, seeing it as a sign of ‘torches of freedom’ that empowered the social roles that were bestowed upon them. But as with any “good” thing, there must be some dark cloud brought to light with smoking too, and thus lung cancer was correlated with smoking by doctors.

Prior to that though, they had already linked tobacco smoking with lip cancer, and by the 20’s when the first reports from studies would begin to appear, a war of sorts would begin between advertising tobacco and the world of medical science.

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Best box mods and vape mods in 2018

The new year is almost upon us, so it’s time to pick out some of the top vape mods for 2018. As always, there’s been some great devices recently released onto the market, but there’s still some older devices out there that are standing up to the test of time brilliantly.

If you’re brand new to box mods, choosing the right one for you isn’t always easy. You don’t want to waste money on a device that isn’t designed well or that’s just poor quality. If you’re ready to buy your first box mod in the new year, or if you just want to upgrade to something a little better, here’s best box mods and vape mods in 2018 reviewed by a British vaper.

Smok Alien 220W TC Starter Kit – Best For Vapers On A Budget

Yes, it isn’t brand new, but the Smok Alien still packs a pretty impressive performance, and all at a price that suits your pocket. I’ve never been disappointed by this device, and you won’t be either. It feels really good in your hand, it’s comfortable to take around with you, produces enormous clouds and gives fantastic flavour – what’s not to like?

Designed to fit easily in the palm of your hand, this mod has an easy to use firing button and a convenient temperature control feature for better customization. I really love the solid design of this box mod, and I’ve never had a problem with burning coils or leaking tanks. Even better, this mod has a seriously impressive battery life, and is just perfect if you’re a beginner thanks to its easy to use settings and advanced safety features that keep you completely safe from over discharging, reverse polarity, over amp and over current. It may be a small point, but I also like the fact it comes in a choice of colours.

So, it isn’t all perfect. The Smok Alien has a pretty small tank capacity, and if I’m really clutching at straws, I would moan about it scratching pretty easily, but overall, I definitely recommend this device to anybody who doesn’t want to break the bank but wants a really decent setup.

VaporFi VEX 150 TC Mod – best for long battery life

If, like me, you can’t go anywhere without your vape mod by your side, you’re going to need some seriously long battery life and the VaporFi VEX can deliver in spades. It’s also got an impressively solid build quality, you can really feel the difference in your hand, so you can be pretty sure you’re going to get a lot of use out of this device before it finally gives up the ghost. I loved the way that this device instantly boots up and retains its settings flawlessly. It’s got a lovely display screen too, showing everything you need to know without being oversized. It works in TCR TC, SS and Ni modes and it’s really great with a sub ohm tank – I was blown away by the size of clouds I could produce. The flavour is pretty great too, but it does feel a bit heavier than other devices, which could be a pain when carrying it around all day. Still, it’s still a fantastic choice for anyone, from beginners right up to experienced users.

Lost Vape Therion DNA166 TC Vape Mod – Ideal for Experienced Users

If you’re ready to upgrade your old box mod to something much more luxurious, you’re going to absolutely love the DNA166. It’s got amazing power, zero issues, looks fantastic and feels great in your hand too. This is one good-looking device – I absolutely love its modern look, and it doesn’t compromise on performance either. Apart from outstanding build quality, this device has dual battery modes and it’s a great size to take out and about – discreet and small enough to get into your pocket without a fuss. So, on the downside, there’s no puff counter and if your tank is bigger than 24mm you’re going to have a bit of an overhang, but neither of those are deal breakers. If you’re after big clouds and loads of power, this vape mod is the one for you.

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Vapers Beware:  The Tax Man Cometh!

Ahhh … the tax man.  He cometh and he taketh in every aspect, spectrum of our lives. And that includes the electronic cigarette industry. With an annual revenue over $1.5 billion, this largely unregulated industry has come under the watchful eye of the government.

Perhaps because big brother doesn’t like anyone having a financial success and not get part of it?  Or could be it because the government division called the FDA classified them as a tobacco product in 2014? Or maybe it is a mixture of the two?

Electronic cigarettes are not a traditional form of tobacco, but there is nicotine in those devices. And it is that nicotine that gave the FDA the push through strong opposition to seek regulation of that industry in 2014. It gave them the footing to have them considered a tobacco product, thus making them something for regulation by Congress by way of the Tobacco Tax Equity Act.

A bill was passed that enabled the government to tax electronic cigarettes along with other tobacco products such as chewing tobacco and loose-leaf tobacco. The government determined that there was quite a bit of lost revenue in this industry or them, and this allows them to get a piece of that pie, so to speak.

But they also presented it as dissuade Americans from smoking – hitting our desire to be healthier. Many government officials that pushed for this bill believe that electronic cigarettes are a determent to the public’s health. They also didn’t want tobacco companies selling tobacco products in the wrong classification of cigars or pipe tobacco either, which have a lower tax rate compared to that of traditional cigarettes and loose-leaf tobacco.

A Classification Dispute

The electronic cigarette industry strongly argues and disputes the government’s classification of their product being a tobacco product. Electronic cigarette proponents promote these devices as being a safe alternative compared to regular tobacco and are in a disagreement with the government that they do not pose a similar danger as traditional cigarette to do the public.

The Opposition Side Is Strong – But Which Side Is Stronger?

The only thing the electronic cigarette industry can do to oppose the bill is to lobby Congress and display public protests.  And while the taxation of this product is unwelcome news for the industry, it could be worse if some politicians get their way, such as banning online sales and banning e-juice flavors, which is why traditional cigarettes are only available in regular or menthol flavors now – a similar ban in having various flavors for the traditional smokes. Advocates for the electronic cigarette industry stress that a ban of such nature is not supported by any evidence or facts.

The EPA and medical journals have stated that the liquids and juices used by electronic cigarettes do not contain any carcinogens. Stopping at banning electronic cigarettes altogether, the government has implemented onerous taxes on electronic cigarette consumers, which is frustrating enough for the industry as well as the consumers, as if they are paying enough taxes as it is already.

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A History Lesson On Vaping

Have you wondered what all this news is about electronic cigarettes and vaping? It isn’t as new of a fad as you may think, and we have a timeline that will take you back in time when vaping was first started:

Ancient Times: 440 BC

It would be a Greek Historian, Herodotus, that first mentioned vaping as he described the Scythians style and tradition of vaping. The Eurasian people threw cannabis, yeah, pot isn’t all that new either folks, onto red hot stones, creating a vapor. They would bathe and inhale the vapor.

The Hookah: 1542 AD

Irfan Sheikh invented the hookah, which many do not connect the two, but it is given credit by others as being the first step toward the vaporizer we know today and many of us use for our children when they’re sick.

The First Vaporizer: 1960

It was Herbert A. Gilbert that received the first patent for the vaporizer. This veteran of the Korean War introduced the vaporizer’s basic anatomy. It hasn’t changed all that much over the years either. As they say, if it works, don’t fix it.

Shake and Vape Pipe: 1980s and 1990s

Eagle Bill Amato, otherwise known as Frank William Wood, was a Cherokee medicine man. Using marijuana in a first portable vaporizer he introduced and called Eagle Bill’s Shake and Vape Pipe. IT would be Eagle Bill that is credited with popularizing vaping marijuana.

The Modern Electronic Cigarette: 2003 By Pharmacist Hon Lik

The man who is credited with the vaping you see today is Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist.

In The Spotlight: Late 2000s

Shortly after electronic cigarettes were invented, they made their way to the commercial market and from there, they took off. In the United Kingdom, the numbers grew between 2012 at 700,000 to over 2.5 billion in 2015.


Want To Know More?

Even with the popularity of electronic cigarettes, e-juice, and the vaping, surprisingly, many people don’t know all that much about it. So that brief history lesson probably was boring if you’re one of those people.

So, let’s start describing what vaping is exactly. Vaping is when you inhale the vaper that is produced by an electronic cigarette. Sound simple enough, right? But there is more to it than just inhaling. You should understand that it is the e-juice that makes the vaper. It comes in a concentrate or a dry herb, yes, such as marijuana.

There is an electric device called the vaporizer and inside that main console is a battery, cartridges, an atomizer, and the e-juice.  The battery then generates the power that heats up the atomizer which makes contact with the e-juice and creates the vaper that is inhaled.

The e-juices come in a variety of flavors and you can mix them together and create a custom flavor. You can also add nicotine, adjusting the strength to your own liking. For those who are trying to quite traditional cigarette smoking, this allows you to slowly cut back the nicotine until you no longer have that addiction and quit smoking, and vaping, altogether.

Facts About Electronic Cigarettes

The title can be quite boring, but it is best that you read further. You might be surprised at some of these facts as the truth, not just some fallacy.

Vaping devices, like the e-cigarettes, are not free from risks.

It was already agreed upon before that electronic cigarette is less harmful compared to smoking cigarettes, the reality is that no actual evidence supports the safety of this device. These days, there is a growing group of researchers that is dedicated to learning more about the electronic cigarettes. Some of their findings suggest that there are negative health consequences to the constant use of these vaping devices. Some of them include the following:

  • Development of cancerous tumor
  • Damage to the lungs, heart, and brain
  • Stillbirths and preterm deliveries among pregnant women
  •  Harmful effects on the lung and brain development, especially when use is during the development of the fetus or the growing of adolescent teens.

They have nicotine, a well known highly addictive drug that has health risks.

Electronic cigarettes are marketed as an alternative to smoking cigarettes. It even is further marketed that it is harmless to secondhand smokers and that it is a device that will help smokers quit smoking. However, this is only possible if the smoker himself choose a liquid cartridge with zero nicotine content. This means that the option for nicotine-filled vape is still made available, and smokers can’t help it but order those that have very high nicotine content, something that they usually can’t get with smoking cigarettes. It is a fact that addiction to nicotine is very difficult to reverse and it can only lead them to more nicotine products, and even abuse with alcohol and many other drugs.
Electronic cigarettes and other vaping devices is not a proven way to quit smoking.

You have already heard a lot of about this method, but it is not a good way for smokers to quit smoking by switching to electronic cigarettes. Reports are coming from users of vaping devices that it helped them quit smoking altogether. However, there is little conclusive evidence wherein it reduces cigarette smoking or that it leads to cessation from smoking.

The only reason why some smokers have proven them to be a great alternative is that they were dedicated to reducing the frequency that they smoke and the amount of nicotine that enters their bloodstream. In other words, they were committed to change and quit smoking altogether using the device as a means to instill their discipline. The device has pros and cons, and the latter refers to how smokers can choose to increase the nicotine content in the liquid cartridge, which beats the purpose of quitting smoking altogether.

Electronic cigarettes are used as an addition to the smoked cigarettes, instead of replacing them.
A lot of smokers use these products along with the traditional cigarettes as much as they can, and sometimes in places where smoking is not allowed or inconvenient. They can switch to one way or another whenever the option is presented to them. This is just adding more exposure to nicotine and the harmful effects it brings.

Nicotine affects the functioning and development of the brain among young people.
The young are more vulnerable to electronic cigarettes and various vaping devices, especially with their effects. The younger the individual is when trying out these devices, the greater their risk to addiction. Brains are still developing at a young age, and they are very vulnerable to the addictive substances’ effects compared to those who have a fully developed brain, particularly among the adults.

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Electronic Cigarettes: The Possible Danger To Kids And Others

Electronic cigarettes are popular today, and not just to the smokers that are trying to quit, but to children too. With the sweet-smelling flavors that the e-juices come in, kids relate them to candy, which makes the appealing to them. From bubblegum to cotton candy to fruity flavors such as cherry and strawberry, electronic cigarettes smell almost good enough to eat!

Studies have resulted in a lot of data that shows the use of electronic cigarettes is gaining more users among children and teens. But the evidence that they move on to smoking has not been significantly strong yet.

Some experts claim that this is because the use of electronic cigarettes is offset by the decline in smoking traditional cigarettes overall. These studies primarily covered America, Australia, and the United Kingdom. However, a study in Poland did find that electronic cigarette among children and teens did lead to smoking traditional cigarettes.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

Those that support electronic cigarettes say electronic cigarettes that replace traditional cigarettes is better for smokers that “need” their fix of nicotine, referring that nicotine is addictive. Why is it safer?

The smoke from traditional cigarettes is combustible and contains as much as four-thousand different chemicals, 60 of which are carcinogens. On the proponent side of things, the claim that the healthier choice are electronic cigarettes because there are less toxins and for non-smokers, the 2nd hand smoke is safer.

Critics will argue however, could undermine the efforts being made to de-normalize the use of tobacco. Then the decades of efforts to stigmatize smoking, which has had enormous success, the concern is that electronic cigarettes could make it cool to smoke.

Questionable Safety of Electronic Cigarettes

Research and studies have proven that nicotine is highly addictive and considered to be a toxic chemical. The result from studies overseas have found that electronic cigarettes deliver an volume of nicotine could possibly be more than what has been stated, or could be less than what is stated. There is also concern about leakage leading to nicotine being absorbed into the skin, making people sick.

While NRT products (nicotine replacement therapy) products like gum, patches, and other means have been thoroughly assessed for effectiveness and safety, there has not been any such assessment performed on electronic cigarettes.

The e-liquid that are without nicotine still have some chemicals that are found  and considered to be unsafe, as well as other chemicals that been found to be unsafe, while yet some are still not confirmed either way.

The World Health Organization issued a report in 2014 on electronic cigarette marketing and use, the variables among the hardware and e-liquids used with electronic cigarettes, as well as the contents that have levels of toxicity, even the emissions could be found toxic.

Considering the rather recent entry of electronic cigarettes in the market and the long lag time of onset of diseases, like cancer, showed conclusive evidence that is associated with electronic cigarettes and diseases could take decades to be determined.

However, the report released by WHO acknowledged that “it is very likely that average electronic cigarette use produces lower exposures to toxicants that combustible products.”. However, how much the risks are reduced remains to be seen.

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